Chelsey Brejanee's activism work primarily centers around mental health, anti-racism, and abolition. Though her passion to dismantle oppressive systems and empower
others expands far beyond that. Check out her projects that seek to create a positive impact by clicking around below

Hit The Streets Podcast

Podcast Profile-2

A radical podcast for activists, organizers,
& other amazing people who give a sh*t


A comprehensive list of resources for finding mental
health peer support, assistance during a crisis,
and other general helpful tools!

Mental Health Pep Talks

Chelsey Brejanee uses her personal experiences with depression, anxiety, PTSD, & an eating disorder to support readers through specific mental health related struggles


An interactive digital map of the grassroots organizations fighting to end police violence, mass incarceration, and racism in the criminal justice system


A virtual network of activists & organizers working together to support the direct action efforts in Elizabeth City, NC after the unjust police killing of Andrew Brown Jr.