Chelsey Brejanee was only 5 years old when she developed the first leg of her eating disorder following an assault that left her traumatized.  She kept her assault a secret and faced more trauma from other sources that led to severe depression, cripling  anxiety, PTSD, self-harming, and multiple suicide attempts.

All of her struggles came to a head in 2013 during her junior year of college when she was hospitalized for suicidal ideation. Following her stay in the hospital, she left school to go home and enter treatment full-time. In the years since, she has healed most of her trauma, fallen in love with herself & life, traveled to various countries, and immersed herself in various hobbies, creative projects, and other means of healthy coping. She's also written three books-one of which is a collection of letters addressed to the reader to provide the same support & encouragement she once needed: Letters to Eunoia. This book also sparked the inspiration for the founding of Finding A Happy Inc.

When she's not running her company, she provides motivational speaking to groups about her story & the importance of normalizing mental health.





Chelsey Brejanee's powerful story proves to be an impactful topic of discussion for any groups or events looking to discuss mental health, reducing stigma, self-care, or other relevant angles to this important topic.